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Who the fuck are you? cried the big sky as he looked down on me. Who the hell do you think you are? Demanded the big sky! I tried to answer. It wasnt too clear so I checked on the internet….. Jon.k AKA jon kent, jonny Kinkaid, Jonny Nashville, Picturehead. Founder member of the Groove Farm and Beatnik Filmstars. played in Kyoko, Block and Airbomb Repeater. Now playing electric guitar in The (excellent) Charlie Tipper Experiment/Conspiracy and working on my solo work as Jon.k – Also known as a photographer, writer and voice actor! Big Sky seemed disappointed ‘so what’s this Indiepopkid nonsense all about, he inquired further. Well, I answered…… indiepopkidversesthedemonsoftimeandspace – this is Not a concept album, but……Indiepopkidversesthedemonsoftimeandspace (IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE) could be an aborted Graphic Novel project of the same name. It tells the story of Indiepopkid and takes place some years after the Punk Rock Wars where Indiepopkid led a band of Rebels against the invading armies known as The Demons of Time and Space. In the years since the end of the war, far from being the hero, Indiepopkid has fallen on hard times. His music is now considered old fashioned by the kids who have all become intoxicated by the corporate music produced by a man known only as ‘X’. Indiepopkid can now be found playing his music in small dark back rooms of bars to a few diehard fans who can just about remember the days of glorious noise and feedback. But nothing happens by accident and it’s in the damp, dark shadows of these long forgotten places the The Demons of Time and Space have found a way back through and are planning their stealthy return. A new war is approaching and Indiepopkid finds himself once again at the front line. This time it could be complicated, just who is ‘X’ and what part is he playing in it all ! Meantime in another reality ‘Eddy Sparkles’, a washed up Glam Rocker from the 70’s is having some serious delusions. Is this the result of the new wonder drug hitting the streets or is he really slipping in and out between two parallel universes and if so who the hell is he? - - The Songs… SIDE ONE. 1. Mr Tippers Dream/Intro, I stole some cords from Mr Tippers gang of misfits!
2. Not a protest song. I was watching the news and there was a story about this guy who set himself on fire. a witness described how it looked like he was dancing! This stuck with me and it made me think about the buddhist monk who set fire to himself. Quang Duc was protesting the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. This in turn made me think of protesting and how it dosnt seem to make any difference. No One listens – 3. Work and pension blue, Sometimes playing the game dosnt get you anywhere but music is always there to soften the blow! – elvis is the king! 4. Love and Death and Sweet, Sweet Music. Emily said to me ‘you know, when your dead, you can have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record’. Great I thought but what song would i want to leave behind? well this is it – Getting lost across the universe, The music never stops. 5 Such a Bitch. Princess Anne comes to town and visits a school for children who have severe disabilities. The princess turns up about an hour late and the children have been waiting all this time in the cold with their flags. The princess steps out the car and takes one look at the children in the assortment of chairs and completely ignores them. A true story this.- Such a Bitch, Don’t you know that, being rich,wont buy your soul back,
6. Steven Said. I saw you in a bar in London, We were there to see the Velvet show. This one is all about Steve Lamaque, steve, do you remember? its a true story 7. Girl in a Cafe talking about… So I spend a lot of time in cafes, drinking coffee and sometimes working. It’s a neutral space without domestic distractions. - - SIDE TWO – 8.Protest Song #1 Im so sick and tired of politicians getting away with it.This is an early version of the song. I havent bothered recording a new one with the second chorus. May be another day.
9. Some People Can Fly. This song is an open letter to any extraterrestrials who may be listening. Its an invitation to Come On Down. The Byrds hey mr spaceman, Bowies Starman, Krzysztof Kieslowski Quote“In life people talk, laugh, worry, suffer and steal. All this can be photographed and from these photographs a story can be told”. – I looked up into the sky, I caught the sun and burnt my eye, I didn’t see a living thing, So poured myself another gin. (END). 10. Something Else. This is a song about how this world is no longer somewhere I feel is home. Its about the people you seem to control what happens and how I have no say in the matter. Since writing this Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour Leadership which has been a ray of light but there is a long way to go yet – Its just the way it is, This state we’re in, The things we do. 11. Secrets. The Goverment has secrets that’s obvious, right? but just how dark are those secrets. A song about those in power and the secrets they keep and how in the end the people of the world will rise up and tear it all down and when they do we’ll know it all – You think it’s easy, So damn easy
12 Last Night I Dreamt of a Tall Blonde Stranger. This is based on a true story (i read on the internet) about a abduction that took place in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA. Its also about playing in Glastonbury festival with the Groove Farm in 1988 or whenever and trying to get back home afterwards. It could also be about death. Its all the same thing perhaps – I drove down to the lake one warm september night, The moon was full the stars were singing clear and bright 13. Lost Myself (A drunken memoir). We’ve all been there, a few drinks. A few more and then journey home that you have no recollection of with some missing hours!. I lost myself, I lost myself, I lost myself, I lost myself, I lost myself, I lost myself, 14. Strange Lights over the Nebraska Sky. An extension of the project ‘I told you so, a collection of UFO witness stories.......................................................................So Big Sky who the fuck am I?


released June 20, 2016

All songs by jon.k except track 7. girl in a cafe, talking by jon.k and em
all songs copyright control © 2016

Produced by Me and Tim Rippington, Tim also played extra guitars on track 13 and backing vocals on 6. Andrew Arthur Jarrett played drums on tracks 6, 10 and 13. Geoff Gorton played bass on tracks 9,10, 11, 12 and 13. Jez Butler played keyboards on track 13 and keyboards & bass on tracks 3, 4, 5, and 6. em sang backing on track 6, spoke on track 7 and screamed on track 13. Byron the cat sat and listened.....
I think he approved!



all rights reserved


jonny kinkaid Bristol, UK

jonny Kinkaid,
AKA jon kent, Jonny Nashville and jon.k

Founder member of the Groove Farm and Beatnik Filmstars. played in Kyoko, Block and Airbomb Repeater.
Now playing electric guitar in The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy/Experiment and working on my solo projects.
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